Sundays Distilling | Melbourne Gin

About Us

Founded from the idea of bringing people together, Sundays came about from wanting to create and bottle the spontaneity of all those great Sundays well-spent with great friends. 

Our motivation was to take the unknown around gin and produce a lively spirit without all the fuss; something that’s easy to mix with whatever is in the fruit bowl, with a softer taste so you can appreciate for a few rounds.

Simply put, we wanted to make a damn tasty gin, with no particular need for occasion. To enjoy whenever you like, however you like. Where there’s no pressure to impress, and all you need to do is gather your favourite people.  

With a generous splash of playfulness added for extra measure, we hope to inspire the next GINeration of gin lovers to get mixing with our bright and crisp flavour. 

Introducing Sundays, a damn tasty gin. Simple as that. 

Because every day should feel like a Sundays kind of day.